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Star Train Tango (Nanshe Chronicles 4) Print

Star Train Tango (Nanshe Chronicles 4) Print

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Lasadi doesn't know how anyone manages to survive out here in the black, given that the collection of space stations, asteroid colonies, dwarf planets, and mining claims in Durga's Belt is less a society and more a community of uneasy, suspicious neighbors. Belt drifters keep mostly to themselves, and the Slingshot is one of the only places they come together.

Part mass transportation, part roving marketplace, the Slingshot is neutral ground and a much-needed resource for people living on survival's edge. But when Lasadi the rest of the Nanshe's crew are asked to investigate a mysterious death on the Slingshot, they discover that corruption is running rampant and tensions are cutting deep.

The Slingshot is about to become a powder keg, and Lasadi’s crew have just set themselves up as targets.

Star Train Tango is the fourth book in the Nanshe Chronicles, a series of fast-paced sci-fi capers full of lovable misfits, non-stop action, and just plain fun. Perfect for fans of Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, and Leverage.

Important: This is a signed print book that ships with an assortment of fun swag. :) If you'd like me to personalize the book to you, please note that with your order.

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