Jessie Kwak Book Reading Order

One of the biggest questions I get from readers is: "Where should I start?"
This is a super good question!
My two sci-fi series are interlinked, which means there's more than one right answer. (But a few really wrong answers, like "Book 5 of the Bulari Saga.")
Here's what I tell readers.
First, pick your poison:

Nanshe Chronicles (newest series)

The Nanshe Chronicles covers.

Are you looking for fun spaceship-based adventures that read like an episode of your favorite TV show — complete with heists, trick flying, witty banter, and a crew of wary newcomers slowly transforming into found family?
(Thank Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, and Leverage with a splash of Indiana Jones.)
--> Start with the Nanshe Chronicles, and pick up Artemis City Shuffle, a free novella that leads directly into the series.

Bulari Saga (complete series!)

The Bulari Saga book covers

Do you want to sink your teeth into a tightly-plotted 5-book crime saga of underworld machinations, world-shattering secrets, delicious revenge, and close-knit found family?
(Think Expanse meets The Godfather with some Firefly thrown in for good measure.)
--> Start with the Bulari Saga.
Here, you've got two options.
  • I recommend diving right in with the first book, Double Edged. Once you've finished the series, you can savor the three prequel novellas for more character backstory.
    • If you're taking this option, you might as well pick up the boxed set and save yourself some money!
  • Or, take a taste of the series by picking up one of the three prequel novellas. They don't need to be read in any particular order, though I recommend starting with Negative Return, which is my favorite of the bunch.

From Earth and Bone (standalone)

From Earth and Bone cover. Text reads: Taking a secret to your grave doesn't mean what it used to.

Along with these two series, I also have a supernatural thriller that stands alone— though I have plans to write at least one more book in the series when I have time!
From Earth and Bone is perfect for those days when you want a moody read with a nice balance of lighthearted moments, family drama, and suspense. It's about a hardworking mother of three who needs to solve the mystery of her sister's boyfriend's death — after becoming accidentally possessed by his well-meaning ghost. 

Creative Productivity (standalone books)

Creative Productivity covers. Text reads: Make time for what matters
Finally, I have a series of books to help creative types make more time for their art and writing. 
  • From Chaos to Creativity is a choose-your-own adventure guide to creating a productivity system that works with your creative brain.
  • From Big Idea to Book is specifically aimed at writers who are looking to become more productive (and joyful) in their writing process.
  • From Idea to Reality (forthcoming) is a how-to guide for folks who want to start a freelance writing business.