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Ghost Pirate Gambit (Nanshe Chronicles 1) Print

Ghost Pirate Gambit (Nanshe Chronicles 1) Print

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Lasadi should have died three years ago with the rest of her squadron in the disastrous final battle to save her homeland. She survived, but as a ghost of herself — and with a massive debt to the crime lord who saved her life.

Now, only two things matter: working for her freedom and keeping the remaining shattered pieces of her heart locked safely away. It's not much of a life, but it's hers. And it's working — until a job goes wrong and a charming rogue comes crashing into the picture.

Working with Raj is the key to accomplishing the heist that will finally pay off her debts, but there are two big problems.

Lasadi can get past the fact that he's a deserter from the wrong side of the war that destroyed her life. The bigger issue is this: Every time their eyes meet, her soul catches fire.

Even as her will to resist his charms begins to fail, Lasadi's suspicion that he's not telling her the whole truth is growing. But Raj isn't the only one on this crew hiding something, and when they arrive at Auburn Station long-dead ghosts will force those secrets into the light.

This job — and the ones to follow — will either shatter this fledgling crew or forge them into an unbreakable family.


Ghost Pirate Gambit is the first book in the Nanshe Chronicles, a series of fast-paced sci-fi capers full of lovable misfits, non-stop action, and just plain fun. Perfect for fans of Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, and Leverage.

Important: This is a signed print book that ships with an assortment of fun swag. :) If you'd like me to personalize the book to you, please note that with your order.

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