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From Earth and Bone (Ramos Sisters 1) Ebook

From Earth and Bone (Ramos Sisters 1) Ebook

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Taking a secret to the grave doesn't mean what it used to.

When a resurrection goes awry in a cold Seattle cemetery, mother-of-three Patricia Ramos-Waites finds herself possessed by the ghost of her sister’s dead lover.

God forbid her only problem be sharing her body with Dead Marco. Yesterday Patricia was worried about her teenage son’s new deadbeat friends and putting her kids through college; today she’s become the target of a Central American drug-smuggling gang who desperately want to get their hands on the ghost she’s hosting.

On top of all this, Patricia is beginning to suspect that either Marco is an exceptionally powerful spirit, or she has ghost-handling abilities that haven’t been seen in centuries.

Will Patricia be able to stay out of the crosshairs long enough to fix this botched resurrection?

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