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Cursed Saint Caper (Nanshe Chronicles 3) Ebook

Cursed Saint Caper (Nanshe Chronicles 3) Ebook

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Wanted: a cursed saint's relics. Easy money, right?

Helping a holy order find a missing sister should be a simple enough job—and Ruby owes the Aymaya Apostles everything after they took her and her brother in as children.

Simple enough, until the missing holy sister's trail takes an unexpected turn, landing Ruby and the rest of the crew in the middle of a high-society soiree—and into the crosshairs of Ruby's ex girlfriend, Kitty. Something sinister is lurking beneath the surface of whatever Kitty and the missing holy sister are caught up in, and the skills of the entire crew are soon put to the test when they go head to head with the ultimate con artist.

Their prize for winning? Well, it might just be a curse.

Cursed Saint Caper is the third book in the Nanshe Chronicles, a series of fast-paced sci-fi capers full of lovable misfits, non-stop action, and just plain fun. Perfect for fans of Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, and Leverage.

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