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Business as Usual: Corporate Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse (Ebook)

Business as Usual: Corporate Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse (Ebook)

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Worried about the state of business during the zombie apocalypse?

You're not alone.

In my quest to document our new reality, I’ve spent the past year collecting stellar examples of how everyday businesspeople like you and me are keeping their chins up during the apocalypse:

In a transcript titled “Don’t Miss Today’s Webinar on ExitZ, the World’s Only Zombie Employee Offboarding Software Solution,” Chief Training Officer Margot Sanchez provides a very real-life demonstration of her company’s early-warning system for employee zombieism.

In an email chain titled “Notes to Creative on the Fall 1 Catalog: Zombie Apocalypse Special Edition,” Creative Director Joanna Ecco fights to meet the print deadline for her company’s Fall 1 catalog, even while the world disintegrates around her.

And in a memo titled “Despite the Tragic Events of Day 2, I Think We Can All Agree Days 1 & 3 of GeoMundo’s National Sales Meeting Were Transformational,” National Sales Manager Gerry Eltayeb gives us a glimpse into the insights—and chaos—of his company’s annual national sales meeting.

I’ve also managed to collect other fragments of business as usual: conference brochures, leadership-training advertisements, and an all-staff company birthday email that proves festivity can still coexist alongside weapons trainings during hard times.

Taken all together, this collection is a testament to future generations that business does indeed go on.

May it inspire you to persevere yourself.

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