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Blood River Blues (Nanshe Chronicles 2) Ebook

Blood River Blues (Nanshe Chronicles 2) Ebook

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An epic race to an enigmatic treasure? The Nanshe's on it.

When a ghost from Lasadi’s past hires the crew of the Nanshe to find a crashed plane with mysterious origins, they take the job despite the troubling client. The good news? The cover story is Lasadi's childhood dream: flying in the Liluri Star Run, a wildly popular off-the-grid race through the Liluri Mountains.

As they soar through emerald jungle canyons in search of their prize and the fabled Blood River, Lasadi is realizing this job has the potential to do more than net these five misfits a payday. It could turn them into a real crew. If the Liluri Mountains—and the crew's lingering secrets—don't devour them first.

Blood River Blues is the second book in the Nanshe Chronicles, a series of fast-paced sci-fi capers full of lovable misfits, non-stop action, and just plain fun. Perfect for fans of Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, and Leverage.
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